My dream house

setiap orang ada rumah impian masing2 kan? karangan lama aku yang masih aku simpan masa form4 dah lama simpan cuma x post je 🙂 …..enjoy!

My Dream House….
I am living in a bungalow with my parent and four siblings My house only 6 bedro0ms and 4 bathro0m.My father works as a web designer and my mother is a make up artist for wedding Therefore ,I always dream of living in a big house like castel.

If my dream comes true ,I want to build my house by the river and dotted with green palm tree I want my house to be painted in peach ,my favourite color .I want a garden where my mother could plant her orchids and roses .In the garden ,there would be a pond where my father would rear colorful ornamental fish.

I want to have twenty bedrooms, a room for each of my family members. I would decorate my room just the way I like it. I would hang lovely curtains a put fresh flowers at a corner .Then I could sleep all alone ,no more snoring to be heard fr0m my other siblings.

For my living room, I would order imported furniture from  Italy. There would be Persian rug on the flo0r . The room would be air-conditioned .I would spend my evenings watching my favorite show, ‘Martha Steward Show’ on a plasma television

My Mother is always grumbling about small kitchen. In my dream house, I would have a spacious kitchen with the latest cooking appliances. Then, my mother could prepare delicious dishes for my family. I would buy a large refrigerator where I could keep my favorite snacks like Cadbury chocolate and pizza nyummmY..

I couls talk all day and night about my dream house but in the end its still a dream. Therefore to make dream comes true, I will study hard and get a degree. With a high paying job.I will build this house and make my family happy.

I Hope My Dream Will Come True

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