Hayden Panettiere Is Super Cute In Sydney

Hayden Panettiere Is Super Cute In Sydney


Heroes hottie Hayden Pannettiere is in Sydney to promote the famous TV show and will be at the Supernova

Pop Culture Expo to sign autographs and take photos with her Australian fans. The single actress travelled with her mommy,

Lesley, and she looks just too cute at the airport… she even managed to flash a cute smile for the camera.

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HEROES actress HAYDEN PANETTIERE has criticised Hollywood for harbouring prejudiced opinions about women –

insisting they shouldn’t be forced to slim down to be a successful star.
The 18-year-old hates the “size zero” culture that has taken over the entertainment industry,

and is convinced there is a huge amount of pressure on female stars to conform to Hollywood’s ideal body shape.
She says, “Beauty is an opinion, not a fact. The thing that most depresses me is Hollywood’s obsession with body image.

I just don’t get it.
“The size-zero ideal is just ridiculous. The important thing is to feel comfortable with your own shape and not

to look at others and feel inferior. It’s tragic that girls feel they have to starve themselves to remain skinny.”